Aerial Ag Imagery (AAI) Brings Emerging Precision Ag Technology to 2015 Almond Conference

Amid extreme drought conditions, Almond growers can leverage AAI’s technology to make every drop of water count, enhancing productivity and sustainability while optimizing production practices to promote higher yields.

Fresno, CA— State-wide drought conditions and an increasing demand for water resources will be a main topic for California almond growers at the Almond Board of California’s 43rd annual Almond Conference on December 8-10 in Sacramento.

“Growing water demands are putting increasing pressure on almond growers to convert to more efficient irrigation systems,” said Andrew Ritchie, Program Manager at Aerial Ag Imagery. “Precision ag technology will be key in getting more crop per drop by providing timely information that can influence effective production practices, contributing to higher yields while optimizing water resources.”

Aerial Ag Imagery (AAI) is a precision ag imaging solutions in California, empowering today's farmers with data-driven decision-making strategies that increase production. AAI combines flight collection data with proprietary algorithms to provide a robust product that can be used in early identification of plant stress related to pests, nitrogen uptake, and water, allowing growers to manage critical resources more efficiently — while ultimately improving crop yields.

Despite its vilification in the media as a water-intensive crop, almonds are growing in popularity with almond orchards continuing to expand in California. However, according to the Sacramento Bee, yields have fallen, and the crop shrank by 12% last year despite the growth in acreage.

“AAI’s product is designed to save our customers valuable time, labor and money,” Ritchie said. “We know it’s more important than ever for almond growers to optimize their water management practices, and we’ve been focusing on calibrating our precision ag tool specifically for almond growers looking to maximize production while making every drop of water count.”

Aerial Ag imagery (AAI) provides precision ag data collected by our manned aircraft to help farmers effectively scout their fields to get the most out of every acre. AAI’s tools empower growers to elevate their crop management plans by identifying field health trends and providing early indicators of stressed crops that result from nutrient deficiencies, compaction issues, pests or other limiting factors. For more information, visit or call (661) 723-3148.