Product Highlights


Product Highlights

AAI’s tools empower growers to make crop production and management changes to get the most out of every acre by providing the following:

Complete acreage coverage for peace of mind and increased production

  • Full acreage reporting removes any uncertainty associated with manually spot checking crops while promoting healthy fields with higher yields
  • Responsible monitoring and analysis that tracks field trending data throughout the growing season

High-resolution imagery provides insight to remove yield-limiting factors

  • Take action and preventative measures with data that provides early identification of water stress, nitrogen deficiencies, soil PH levels, pest management issues
  • Non-visual imagery provides a powerful view of crop health than cannot be detected by walking the field

Precision ag data for driving critical crop management decisions

  • Data-driven decision making eliminates trial/error techniques to optimize farm management
  • Powerful tools for early stress identification and early action
  • Our powerful post-processing capabilities merge collections of non-visual imagery with visual imagery data sets

Field monitoring analytics to help you save time and optimize resources

  • Be proactive with data that optimizes management of resources and labor to save time and improve irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide/herbicide utilization
  • Reporting features allow you to detect crop uniformity issues at a glance
  • Compare field health results throughout the growing season as well as year-to-year comparisons that can be used to identify positive or negative field trend, while providing yield predictors through crop health to production comparisons
  • Field managers can access subsets of your overall acreage to save your field managers time in reviewing the data
  • Enjoy automated alerts that let you know when your data is available
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